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Interesting! A full-rbf doublespend just got mined by... a miner on P2Pool!

I didn't even know P2Pool still existed. And it kinda doesn't: according to the expected time between blocks right now is 3.2 years. Looks like the last block was 2 years ago.

Seems like the particular P2Pool miner that found the block had a high minimum fee, as the block only contained the high-fee parts of the mempool:

Full-RBF Peering Bitcoin Core v24.0.1 is released.

tl;dr: this ensures you're connected to other full-rbf nodes, by advertising a FULL_RBF service bit, and connecting to four additional nodes advertising that service.

" - Russia will be punished for everything!"


(Yes I know they're all imported school buses; that's the first one I've seen where they hadn't painted over which school system it was from)

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TIL Guatemala has a _lot_ of Taco Bells.

“Thor is the God of War. Yet Thorium can't be used for nuclear weapons. It's a complete scam.” @giacomozucco

All regulations are backed up by the threat of acute lead poisoning.

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mindblowing new discovery in Conway's Game of Life: any buildable pattern in Life can be constructed from the collision of 15 gliders.

the key principle: distance itself can be used to encode information. by determining the correct starting [x,y] coordinate for each glider, any future state of the Life universe can be created, with effectively unbounded complexity. 🤯

(via @OscarCunningham @danstowell)

It's better for everyone if you run my full-rbf branch, as that makes for a stronger, decentralized, set of interconnected full-rbf peers. But if you just want to use the new 'mempoolfullrbf=1' option in the upcoming v24.0 release, that's ok too.

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If you want to run full-rbf, and don't have any full-rbf peers, you can connect to these nodes:

...and for testnet:

I've also made a branch of Bitcoin Core v24.0 with preferential peering, to auto-connect to full-rbf peers:

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