"...camp as in mosquitos? Or camp as in musical theatre?"

URGENT: The most powerful evidence yet that mRNA vaccines hurt long-term immunity to Covid after infection

Meanwhile they're pushing booster shots for five year olds.

@excellion I mean... I'm sure in the future transistors will help regulate power in spacecraft engines... But that use of the word "transistor" isn't how I would use it. 😂

"The Occupant/Окупант. Війна і мир у телефоні російського солдата (ENG Subs)"

Documentary made from videos from a Russian soldier's phone.

Fuel shortages, price hikes seen in Ukraine / The New Voice of Ukraine

“According to him, mostly individual gas stations and small chains have been spotted ignoring fuel price controls. Unsurprisingly, there are no queues at those gas stations.”

Economics 101...

On Roe v. Wade - by Alex Berenson - Unreported Truths

As usual, Alex Berenson has the best take on Roe v. Wade

Farm vehicles removed from Ukraine by Russians who find they've been remotely disabled - CNN

While good for Ukrainians in this case. The fact this is even possible is dangerous for overall food security.

The right tool to solve the problem of farm equipment getting stolen by Russian soldiers is to kill more Russian soldiers.


Interesting! Alex Berenson's lawsuit against Twitter for censoring him survived the first hurdle.

Bank of Canada rebukes claims Pierre Poilievre has made on inflation, cryptocurrency | National Post

Exhibit A, Exhibit B

Seriously, buying any investment asset is a way to opt out of inflation. WTF is he on?

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I tell plain and clear. What happened to Twitter can happen to the fediverse too.

if you concentrate on big instances

Big instances are expensive for the owner, (CPU, bandwidth, power, etc), so they put pressure on the owners to sell them. Plus, since they contain data, they are attractive for the millionaires.

To concentrate on a few big instances creates the real danger a billionaire can buy the whole fediverse just buying the first, say, 20 instances by dimension.

please use smaller instances, or create your ones, using services like https://masto.host/

## if you concentate on a single software.

if everything runs on a single software, say Mastodon, the billionaires may want to buy who produces this software, thus controlling the development of the whole fediverse.

So if you concentrate on a single software, you are creating an offer, and the demand of control is there.

Please use different software, like Pleroma, Misskey, Friendica: all they are capable to federate, and make it harder for a single billionaire to control the whole, just controlling the incumbent platform.

You can't walk to the horizon. But you can walk to someone else's horizon.

“Talking about a "way forward for CTV" or activating CTV or coming up with some way of shoving it into Bitcoin at this stage is insulting, myopic, short-sighted. Worse, it sets incredibly poor precedent for how we think about changes to Bitcoin and maintaining Bitcoin's culture of security and careful design.” - Matt Corallo on bitcoin-dev


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