ZDNet journalist repeats Craig Wright's claims about stolen funds hook-line-and-sinker.

This either means that journalist is truly incompetent - one google search would raise so many red flags about Wright it's ridiculous - or they accepted something from Wright in exchange for publishing lies. Quite possibly the article itself...

@pox @Salastil Very common for non-randomized medical studies like that to turn out to have biases. So seeing Israel's overall results to not be significantly better than other countries - even with enormously higher levels of vaccination - is obviously not confidence inspiring.

If you don't understand that, meh, not worth having a conversation.

@pox @Salastil

"Practically all covid hospitalizations RN in Israel are from non-vaccinated people"

Even the official Israeli studies on that don't make that claim: nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJM


That's a significant reduction. But certainly not "practically all" levels of protection. In particular, as I said, it's quite clear that the long delays involved make the reduction less than hoped.

Also, people sure do seem to be catching it while getting vaccinated.

@Salastil Flu season in Israel typically peaks between December and February, so the top-level stats are consistent with the vaccines making no difference: jpost.com/breaking-news/amid-c

Flu season in Canada lasts much longer. But looks like the peak is around the same time as in Israel.

IMO most likely is the vaccines have some benefit, but less than the 95% advertised, and even in Israel they just took too long to be distributed. Also, maybe making things worse in younger w/ active immune systems.

@waxwing With serialization, you can always get the benefits of variable-length by having a fixed-size format and compressing the zeros with a compression layer.

It's no wonder Israel is trying to effectively make getting vaccinated mandatory... Anyone with a clue looking at the actual top-level stats would be skeptical.

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Brian Rose has been fined and banned from "campaigning for mayor of London" because he went outside to campaign.

@waxwing Good argument for fixed length serializations...

This is like saying you were "seconds away" your house being without electricity for months because a fuse blew.

Yes, if the fuses failed, permanent damage could be done. But literally every single piece of equipment on a competently designed distribution grid is protected by fuses.

The grid has got to deal with lightning storms and all kinds of shorts after all.

@mir_btc ...but do you want Sicily to be in your Italy?

Re: pumped storage basins, double layout is ideal. But it's hard to find places suitable to actually building that at relatively low cost. So you compromise and use existing water bodies, which of course has environmental impacts.

IMO not a big deal; we should be building a lot more pumped storage capacity. But hardcore environmentalists don't like it.


So there's about 1.3*10^16 litres of water vapour in the atmosphere. That works out to 13,000km^3

Since water vapour doesn't stay in the atmosphere permanently - it turns into rain and snow after all - to make a difference we'd have to be releasing a significant fraction of the that 13,000km^3 *continuously*.

Total consumption of oil per year is just 5km^3. That's not even close.

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@dflate Yes, pumped storage is one of the reasons why we need hydro. Pumped storage is hard though, as good sites without much environmental impact are rare (most places it impacts water levels and flow, which causes local environmental harms).

Re: water vapor, that's just wrong. Water vapor is a self-limiting problem, as the increased humidity reduces uptake. Not to mention, the scale humans can add water vapor is *tiny*.

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Your Smartphone Doesn't Have To Be Glued Shut!

The #librem5 was recently featured in a hardware tear-down video by @iFixit


#privacy #freedom

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