No issues getting into Mallorca. They didn't even check that I'd actually done a covid test (Spain itself doesn't care).

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When the Indian govt created unique health IDs, it said they were optional.

However, individuals are now being issued health IDs without their consent or the option to opt out.

Read more from @cis_india 👇

@drgo @excellion I like how I knew exactly who you were talking about with no context.

She really is the craziest "Native American".

@verretor Fuck if I know. 😂 Like the Indian variant media stopped calling it that when cases fell without vaccination...

@verretor IIRC Alpha is what was detected in china, while Beta is (roughly) what spread around the world. Not sure how gamma and delta are time wise. Likely they _are_ in order, and conditions for gamma have only been recently advantageous.

Amsterdam Schiphol airport seems relatively lax re: covid. Decent number of people not wearing masks without a clear excuse and they don't seem to get hassled.

Of course, the customs officals weren't wearing any, including one standing out in the open in front of the automated passport lines; authorities get to do what they want.

Hopefully Spain is the same...

@verretor That's a retroactive name for the original main strains.

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@drgo have you tried reindexing from scratch?

I'd also want to check if the exact inconsistencies are repeatable. Probably some debug log option to output exactly what is wrong.

If they're not repeatable, it's probably bad hardware.

@drgo got a high-res version of that log output?

@drgo It might be necessary make refusing government handouts a precondition to voting. :/ Not clear if society is stable otherwise.

@drgo You are making the fatal assumption that the proof has a basis in science...

@drgo Have you tried normal Bitcoin Core on the same data?

Could be a hardware failure too...

@verretor Come to think of it, even just a non-binary person competing could be interesting... Force the news articles to all say "they/them"

@harvhat @average_random_joe @Synclair I haven't looked at that exact set of tweets. But a very similar one I did look at I was able to find 100% of them. Took some work though because Twitter removed most of them from search.

Also, doing both would be a clever tactic...

@verretor I wonder if there's been any trans women that have chosen to compete in men's sports?

@lucash_dev Even at the beginning with 1% death rates being thrown around I immediately thought of World War 2, where multiple countries survived much more of their population dying than that.

@kino Of course! Vaccinating ~100% of people who are very unlikely to be harmed by a natural infection isn't a good idea. Better to save them for those at risk given that covid vaccines are a type that covid probably can evolve resistance too. We use antibiotics sparingly for the same reason.

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