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"If you could go back in time, what would you tell yourself as a teenager?"

"Not sure. But I do know that my teenage self would tell that mentally ill man who looked oddly like me to go away before I call the cops."

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"[ots-dev] Stamp/Beacon Trees for Secure, Precise, Trusted Timestamping and Clock Synchronization" -

tl;dr: My new merkle tree construction combines the precision of NTP, and the security of Roughtime. And unlike either, it can be scaled arbitrarily with untrusted servers.

Added to the protocol, it'd allow one service to provide both high accuracy, trusted time, and trustless, low-accuracy, Bitcoin timestamps. A one-stop-shop for all your timing needs.

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"Research shows that it's not uncommon for motorcycle helmets to have carbon dioxide levels that are that high."

Now do masks. 😂

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Heads up: The White House just added MEASLES to the list of infections that can be used to medically kidnap you and take you to a quarantine death camp.

Suddenly measles is their new weapon to target their political enemies for death camps. Wow.

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maybe I should finally leave facebook, if they pass this.

> The consultation proposes mandatory, automatic reporting of every single removed post directly to CSIS and the RCMP
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Things COVID invented: Health enforcement agency. While the sick have a right to refuse treatment, the healthy don’t.

Great view of how hammers is played too. Notice how his left thumb is tapping out notes that don't actually exist to keep time.

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"The Elephantine Granite Monolith"

_Really_ funny listening to this guy imply that the granite is cut too precisely and too flat to have been done by hand by the Egyptians.

Every decent machinist knows that the root of mechanical accuracy is the granite surface plate. Which famously you can make by hand with absolutely no tools via the three surface method. Takes a lot of time. But conceptually it's really simple.

If I understand this correctly, France's parliament is debating mandatory vaccination. As in, everyone is forced to get vaccinated. No exceptions.

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@pete I wear a mask in my car. My car is shit. I don't want to be seen in my car.

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I know there are some shitheads harping about being vaccinated or you won’t get basic human rights and stuff, but don’t let this distract you from the legitimate medical question: are you immune?

Take this question seriously. SARS2 infection can cause problems ranging from inconvenient to fatal. Know your risk level. Act accordingly. Confused? Talk with someone who truly understands this stuff…

Ben Kaufman now has a substack.

...and only fuck did he dig up some public health insanity.

"Schedules will be adjusted to avoid sending those who aren’t vaccinated to destinations where they’ll fail to meet entry requirements, and managers won’t be told why workers are being kept off of certain flights."

Impressive. I should fly KLM more often.

"[T]hat sounds like a big number. But when you take account of the number of pupils, it works out to 41 days [of lost school] per thousand pupils or just 15 minutes per child."

"To put that into context, if the government had ended the schools’ lockdown just a day earlier back in March, children would have got a benefit 25 times more than that estimated from vaccinating over one million 12 to 15-year-olds."

...and that's the UK government's own estimate! WTF.

"this is why i find it so disingenuous to only measure vaccine efficacy from 7 or 14 days post dose 2. it’s like claiming that you’ll be safe if you run to the bunker, but ignoring that you must cross a minefield strafed with enemy fire to get there."

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So it looks like Amazon has its tentacles ready to take over Rust.

The company is slowly adding its own members to the Rust team in an attempt to leverage governance. Amazon employees are badmouthing the original Rust team, and articles are being released to manufacture consent for Rust being an Amazon project.

Capital tryna take away my gay crab language.

"If you could go back in time, what would you tell yourself as a teenager?"

"Not sure. But I do know that my teenage self would tell that mentally ill man who looked oddly like me to go away before I call the cops."

"How significant is it that the two top FDA officials responsible for vaccine research resigned last week and this week signed a letter in The Lancet that strongly warns against vaccine boosters?"

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