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"If you could go back in time, what would you tell yourself as a teenager?"

"Not sure. But I do know that my teenage self would tell that mentally ill man who looked oddly like me to go away before I call the cops."

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"[ots-dev] Stamp/Beacon Trees for Secure, Precise, Trusted Timestamping and Clock Synchronization" -

tl;dr: My new merkle tree construction combines the precision of NTP, and the security of Roughtime. And unlike either, it can be scaled arbitrarily with untrusted servers.

Added to the protocol, it'd allow one service to provide both high accuracy, trusted time, and trustless, low-accuracy, Bitcoin timestamps. A one-stop-shop for all your timing needs.

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@lupyuen "The Gowin IDE is free, but it needs an account and a license to function. Luckily the latter is provided within a few hours in after requesting it."


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@pete the fact that SW isn’t being upfront about WHY the flights were cancelled tells me that there is still more fight to come.

"Southwest backs off plan to place unvaccinated employees on unpaid leave in December"

Remember that the massive numbers of cancelled flights that only affected Southwest were due to "weather".

...and now New Zealand...

Amazingly there are extreme left NZ politicians who want NZ to go back to their zero covid strategy. All the vulnerable have been vaccinated. Give it up.

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tl;dr: zero covid was a gigantic waste.

Singapore is very close to 100% vaccinated; the remainder is almost all children too young to be vaccinated.

A friend of mine went to a festival a few weeks ago where over 100 people were infected out of 400 total. Only one hospitalization, and that person was in poor health. All the same, they got better quickly. Covid just isn't very dangerous to anyone young and reasonably healthy, vaccinated or not.

...though even more awful to wear than normal... Huge amount of dead space trapping CO2; kinda scary that the pilots are wearing this nonsense.

Funny enough, not all the flight attendants are. Some have simple cloth masks.

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"Please dispose your mask when it becomes moist." - Austrian Airlines boarding announcement

Weird to see an attempt at a bit of, like, actual science rather than virtue signaling.

Seed word schemes should use a dictionary containing only swear words, insults, and racial epithets to encourage people to keep their seed secret.

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@pete when full rbf? after an expiry time; at deadline, always. #haiku

Full-RBF after an expiry time, and the expiry time gets shorter and shorter as a deadline is reached.

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Someone told me angrily that there will be an "antivax protest Friday."

I pretended not to hear him. My friend is losing her job Friday along with thousands of other unvaccinated healthcare workers.

"Ontario’s online proof-of-vaccination portal inaccessible outside of North America |"


It's a website. And they geoblocked it. WTF.

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By requiring jabs every 6 months, they make sure that all pregnant women get it during their pregnancy.

Of course the water fountains are still shut off, so you'll buy^H^H^H for your safety.

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Toronto Pearson International Departures.

They had to remove all the seating in the food court because of the vaccine passport nonsense. Meanwhile all the other seating is full of people eating.

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Notice how Alberta Public Health doesn't actually quote the rate of myocarditis in young males. They just vaguely say it's more common, and that benefits outweigh the risks with no actual numbers. They even say young males can still get moderna!

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