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"If you could go back in time, what would you tell yourself as a teenager?"

"Not sure. But I do know that my teenage self would tell that mentally ill man who looked oddly like me to go away before I call the cops."

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"[ots-dev] Stamp/Beacon Trees for Secure, Precise, Trusted Timestamping and Clock Synchronization" -

tl;dr: My new merkle tree construction combines the precision of NTP, and the security of Roughtime. And unlike either, it can be scaled arbitrarily with untrusted servers.

Added to the protocol, it'd allow one service to provide both high accuracy, trusted time, and trustless, low-accuracy, Bitcoin timestamps. A one-stop-shop for all your timing needs.

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Association between School Mask Mandates and SARS-CoV-2 Student Infections: Evidence from a Natural Experiment of Neighboring K-12 Districts in North Dakota | Research Square

“Our findings contribute to a growing body of literature which suggests school-based mask mandates have limited to no impact on the case rates of COVID-19 among K-12 students.”

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We are still offering free VPN access for anyone in Ukraine and Russia. We have servers ready not just in Kharkiv, but in other locations in the region (Helsinki, Warsaw, Bucharest, Budapest).

We are extending this offer of free VPN service to anyone currently in Belarus. We are aiming to reach more people - please help us signal boost this offer. Any recommendations on spreading the word would also be appreciated.

We stand with Ukraine:

"Complete History Of The Soviet Union, Arranged To The Melody Of Tetris"

My 40-liter backpack travel guide

“...and covid defense gear: a CO2 meter (CO2 concentration minus 420 roughly gives you how much human-breathed-out air you're breathing in, so it's a good proxy for virus risk), masks, antigen tests and fluvoxamine.”

I am so unsurprised that Vitalik keeps a bunch of covid paranoia in his travel backpack.

Anatomy Of A Bank Takeover : NPR

“One by one, agents check into a hotel, each quietly offering a pseudonym to the guy at the desk.”

This article is from 2009; even back then hotels were checking ID pretty much every time. How exactly were FDIC employees bypassing that? Or did the journalist just make that up?

Kraken Announces Global Hiring Push and Commitment to Crypto-First Culture - Kraken Blog

Looks like a good place to work.

"Process of Turning Old Washing Machine into New One. Korean Appliance Cleaning Technician"

I'm amazed there's a big enough market for this to be economical. That's not even a front loader.

The left hates it when people protect themselves from violence with weapons. Both at the individual level, and at the level of entire countries.

Disgusting and evil.

When White People Lose Their Minds - by Terry Glavin

“On the anniversary of the "mass grave" that wasn't: This was not a story about Indigenous people grifting the government. If anything, it was the other way around.”

“Under the current policy, the men do not need to undergo any surgery, and Diggs asserts that most of the men are not on hormone replacement therapy”

”Diggs described her anxiety at having to share a shower with one of the male transfers”

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#Python creator Guido van Rossum puts it plain and simple. Asked about what role python could play in the #web3 world, he says

„Let web3 die in a flaming ball of fire.“

" as in mosquitos? Or camp as in musical theatre?"

URGENT: The most powerful evidence yet that mRNA vaccines hurt long-term immunity to Covid after infection

Meanwhile they're pushing booster shots for five year olds.

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