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One-Shot Replace-By-Fee-Rate

tl;dr: we can solve Rule #3 transaction pinning attacks by simply replacing based on fee-rate, if the old transaction wasn't going to be mined in the next block or two, and the new transaction will be.

This _is_ incentive compatible, because it makes more sense to make money now with a high fee rate transaction than to favor a transaction of lower fee rate that may never even be mined.

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New blog post:

What is full-RBF? Why is it good for multiparty protocols like conjoin? Why is it good for wallets and miners? And why do a small minority hate it with a passion?

(we all gotta take a break from ordinal drama you know)

Not good.

We really need miners to move off Foundry to smaller pools.

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So, why *I* am unhappy about the Ordinals project: it confirms in people's mind, a terrible cognitive error.

If there's one thing I always have tried to get across to people in the various talks, podcasts whatever I've given over the years it's this: satoshis *do not exist*. There is no serial number attached to them; they do not exist in code. It's like asking 'where are the inches on this 15 inch stick'. Utxos exist, sats (or bitcoins), don't. Abstract? Yes, but in a sense, critical.(4/n).

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"Combat GoPro - Wiping Out Russian Spetsnaz Team in CQB"

Fighting 1m from the enemy.

Luxor mined a block with four full-rbf replacements at once:

Two from my OTS calendars (including a $165 fee). And two others that I didn't create.

Great example of how legacy payment systems are totally busted:

"My dude slowed down gravity in mid air 🀯"

Dance battle or physics homework problem?

"Back from the front: a British volunteer in Ukraine"

Excellent video.

Interesting! Foundry USA mined a full-rbf double-spend, with a few minutes between tx #1 and tx #2:

My best guess is this has something to do with unconfirmed inputs. My stock v24.0 node saw both tx #1 and tx #2 at the same time initially, but rejected the latter for spending an unconfirmed input. Then a few minutes later, it accepted tx #2 once the input confirmed.

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At least in Malwarebytes, the disclaimer against Enigma's software was softened by describing it as a "potentially unwanted program" or PUP. Here though, Twitter straight up calls Mastodon links malware.

Sounds like a false statement of fact...

Also wondering if the Lanham Act / false advertising claims have a better chance here too.

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So... this seems like a good time to start experimenting with Mastodon.

I'm very skeptical about the chances of getting enough network effect to bootstrap a new social media site in general, and even more for distributed/decentralized/non-commercial ones.

Still, recent events on Twitter make me believe there is a chance, and I'd like to help make that happen.

I have two rented VPS servers running full-rbf nodes that were previously in Mykolaiv, Ukraine, quite close to the front lines in Kherson.

The hosting company finally gave up and moved their whole operation to a Kyiv data center this weekend. Russia has been trying to destroy the entire Ukrainian power grid for two months now; wouldn't be surprised if that hosting company can't get enough diesel fuel in Mykolaiv due to demand by other critical services.


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Twitter is blocking posts with links to Mastodon instances. They aren't just blocking the ones run by the Mastodon project but also smaller instances.

They're even blocking, and Perhaps they automated it.

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