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"[ots-dev] Stamp/Beacon Trees for Secure, Precise, Trusted Timestamping and Clock Synchronization" -

tl;dr: My new merkle tree construction combines the precision of NTP, and the security of Roughtime. And unlike either, it can be scaled arbitrarily with untrusted servers.

Added to the protocol, it'd allow one service to provide both high accuracy, trusted time, and trustless, low-accuracy, Bitcoin timestamps. A one-stop-shop for all your timing needs.

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This is the first time we have heard about financial persecution for defending internet freedom in the Tor community. We're very concerned about PayPal's lack of transparency, and we urge them to reinstate this user’s account.

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The Lab-Leak Theory: Inside the Fight to Uncover COVID-19’s Origins

"Only two other #labs in the world, in Galveston, Texas, and Chapel Hill, North Carolina, were doing similar #research."

"[... advised] not to say anything that would point to the U.S. government’s own role in gain-of-function research."

#COVID_19 #COVID19 #COVID #Corona #CoronaVirus #SARSCOV2 #Wuhan #China #WIV #Lab #Leak #LabLeak #LabLeakTheory #GainOfFunction #ShiZhengli #KatherineEban #VanityFair

Exclusive: How Amateur Sleuths Broke the Wuhan Lab Story and Embarrassed the Media

The crazy thing is this story _itself_ is covering up the media's fraud.

You didn't need to do sleuthing to uncover the high chance of this being a lab leak. From day one it was a high probability simply because of the very unlikely coincidence that China's only lab doing this stuff was at the site of the first reported outbreak.

"Is the Second Shot Giving Young Men a Dangerous Heart Condition?"

Israel Detects Link Between Myocarditis and COVID Vaccine

If the second shot of Pfizer triggers myocarditis in about 1 in 5000 shots, could something else also trigger it?

Even just skipping the second dose may not be enough if first shots are priming young men to develop myocarditis later down the line.

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for the hets out there who just don't understand that we hate corporate pride more than you do:

Sitting in Chicago airport, waiting for my Miami flight... and I hear someone on a laptop talking about Metamask.

But the worst part? I'm eating some fancy chocolate that I couldn't resist buying. Hope he doesn't recognize me.

A circular food system can withstand crises like COVID-19 — and provide delicious meals

Heh, it's pretty funny reading pop-sci nonsense like this.

The truth is that circular food systems like feeding pigs waste food, or using compost directly to grow food crops, are explicitly banned in many countries to _prevent_ pandemics. The problem is insufficient sterilization allows diseases to circulate from waste back to the plate. The scariest example being prions.

It says so much that our scam Ontario government would use a stock photo of kids - at nearly zero risk to covid-19 - wearing masks outdoors while exercising - a situation where anyone is at nearly zero risk.

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The ability to send change to a custom external address is now merged in Joinmarket master:

I'm now in the process of testing the fidelity bond PR #872 in meticulous detail (it's one of the biggest changes we've ever had so it's not going to be done lightly! But it's going very well so far).

#joinmarket #bitcoin

Yes, that's woke Magic The Gathering fans getting worked up because marketing thought that they could reach out to nerdy military college students with rap spells.

Illinois lawmakers pass a bill banning police from deceiving juvenile suspects during interrogations - CNN

Good start. Now do the same for adults too. Or make sure _everyone_ has access to a competent lawyer.

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Did COVID-19 Escape From a Lab? A Coronavirus Investigation

"Bruce Ivins, an eccentric, suicidal laboratory scientist from Ohio who worked in vaccine development at Fort Detrick, allegedly wanted to boost the fear level so as to persuade the government to buy more of the patented, genetically engineered anthrax VaxGen vaccine, of which he was a co-inventor."


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Capitalism: a Capitalist owns the means of production

Communism: the workers own the means of production

Non-profit orgs: a random third-party with no personal stake in the success of the organization controls the means of production

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RT @gladstein
Amazing that @Nouriel and @nntaleb would beclown themselves and speak at a *fake Bitcoin* conference alongside laughable impostor CSW.

They hate real Bitcoin, but are happy to shill a collapsing fork controlled by tycoons.

This is the equivalent of supporting pseudo-science.

Journalists hate Elon Musk more than Bitcoiners do or Dogecoiners will.

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