No issues getting into Mallorca. They didn't even check that I'd actually done a covid test (Spain itself doesn't care).

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At Burlington GO train station in Ontario, on my way back to Toronto from the US side of Niagara Falls.

I think the higher end transit services are paranoid about losing their passengers to private vehicles, so are pulling out all the stops to maintain a "clean" image.

Finally a lineup at Toronto Pearson Airport. Place has been dead every other time I've been.

"I believe that, at the end, the game saved hundreds or thousands lives by helping to implement some necessary restrictions sooner than they'd be implemented otherwise."

Meanwhile the Czech Republic has one of the highest per-capita rates of death with covid in the world.


This isn't the movies. It'd be quite easy for those Gazan hackers to get themselves good enough defenses 100% unhackable; the only offensive route probably is a physical attack.

It's also not that hard for the Israeli's to do the same... there's no need to resort of offensive tactics in cyber security. Our defenses can be as strong as we want.

First public transit I've taken in over a year and a half. Totally empty. Maybe my hair scared them off?

Sitting in Chicago airport, waiting for my Miami flight... and I hear someone on a laptop talking about Metamask.

But the worst part? I'm eating some fancy chocolate that I couldn't resist buying. Hope he doesn't recognize me.

It says so much that our scam Ontario government would use a stock photo of kids - at nearly zero risk to covid-19 - wearing masks outdoors while exercising - a situation where anyone is at nearly zero risk.

Yes, that's woke Magic The Gathering fans getting worked up because marketing thought that they could reach out to nerdy military college students with rap spells.

Journalists hate Elon Musk more than Bitcoiners do or Dogecoiners will.

Pro-tip: we have dug far more gold out of the ground than we have use for. The intrinsic value of gold is a tiny fraction of it's current value.

Comparing mortality stats for the 15 to 65 age range between Sweden and Canada is pretty damning. Sweden's figures look like a pandemic, followed by normalcy.

In Canada, younger people have been dying at abnormally high rates the entire time we've had lockdown.

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Israel mortality stats are quite interesting... Notice that peak in younger male deaths? That corresponds to the vaccination program ramping up for that age group. True for older ages too, though for them, could just be covid.

Israel is small enough it's hard to interpret stats like that. But definitely concerning.

Pfizer is supposed to have very detailed data on everyone vaccinated and the outcomes... AFAIK that hasn't been released.

"Fearing" coronavirus surge, families of Toronto FC players relocate to team's base in Florida, a state that hasn't had lockdown since September.


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