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What is full-RBF? Why is it good for multiparty protocols like conjoin? Why is it good for wallets and miners? And why do a small minority hate it with a passion?

(we all gotta take a break from ordinal drama you know)

Not good.

We really need miners to move off Foundry to smaller pools.

Interesting! Foundry USA mined a full-rbf double-spend, with a few minutes between tx #1 and tx #2:

My best guess is this has something to do with unconfirmed inputs. My stock v24.0 node saw both tx #1 and tx #2 at the same time initially, but rejected the latter for spending an unconfirmed input. Then a few minutes later, it accepted tx #2 once the input confirmed.

Interesting! A full-rbf doublespend just got mined by... a miner on P2Pool!

I didn't even know P2Pool still existed. And it kinda doesn't: according to the expected time between blocks right now is 3.2 years. Looks like the last block was 2 years ago.

Seems like the particular P2Pool miner that found the block had a high minimum fee, as the block only contained the high-fee parts of the mempool:

One reason why you should set 'mempoolfullrbf=1' on your nodes, and especially, mining nodes: insane people like Craig Wright would love to find excuses to sue miners for mining double spends.

Better to set the standard now: unconfirmed means unconfirmed.

TFW when you block and report someone for spamming every repo with identical code of conduct requests. πŸ˜‚

The left hates it when people protect themselves from violence with weapons. Both at the individual level, and at the level of entire countries.

Disgusting and evil.

Bank of Canada rebukes claims Pierre Poilievre has made on inflation, cryptocurrency | National Post

Exhibit A, Exhibit B

Seriously, buying any investment asset is a way to opt out of inflation. WTF is he on?

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