It's no wonder Israel is trying to effectively make getting vaccinated mandatory... Anyone with a clue looking at the actual top-level stats would be skeptical.

This is like saying you were "seconds away" your house being without electricity for months because a fuse blew.

Yes, if the fuses failed, permanent damage could be done. But literally every single piece of equipment on a competently designed distribution grid is protected by fuses.

The grid has got to deal with lightning storms and all kinds of shorts after all.

Anyone know what these alleged code-of-conduct violations by Isis Lovecruft's former boyfriend, and current Zcash employee, Henry de Valence actually were?

Valence is one of the people who knows first hand that Lovecruft fabricated assault allegations against me...

Israel's test positivity rate is going up, while their testing rate is going down... Sweden's testing rate is fairly steady, and their positivity rate is going down.

Fact is, Israel's drop in cases/deaths might not even be real. I could certainly see people being in denial about the fact that they've gotten covid after getting vaccinated.

Makes you wonder how many people tested positive after getting vaccinated, and then got another test to confirm that they really were infected.

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Israel's covid cases and deaths are just beginning to decline a bit, after vaccinating 54% of the population (30% two weeks ago), and after having been in strict lockdown since _September_. Israeli flu season usually peaks between December and February, and weather right now is perfect for fighting flu.

Meanwhile, Sweden's cases and deaths have been falling since late December, having had hardly any lockdown (or even voluntary measures) the whole time, and Sweden is freezing and dark right now.

"Our ideals are rooted in fairness, equal access..."

Stirring words from Robinhood co-founder Vlad Tenev.

PSA: the short-squeeze we're seeing with GME is a totally different situation than BTC.

Hodling makes sense when there is a long term value proposition. If you're buying GME at current prices, either plan to sell very soon, or do it for the lulz.

"Indians must have no confusion about how we reached impressive Covid herd immunity"

tl;dr: covid just isn't that deadly, and has spread very widely in India. Other diseases like TB kill many more people, and the population correctly recognized the low risk. Based on antibody testing, there's probably 50+ undetected infections in India for every known case.

Case numbers have been dropping since Sept for the simple reason that herd immunity is real.

...and they're stepping in to stop people buying GameStop.

Looks like I got in just in time. 😂

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Yes, this is real.

They're finally admitting to the facts on masks, and why they just don't work well enough to matter.

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One layer: 50%
Two layers: 75%
Three layers: 90%
Plastic bag: 100%

Don't kill grandma. Make the right choice.

If you look at these stats objectively, even Israel's vaccination program is going badly.

Think about it: Israel is reporting 0.09% of the population is getting infected every day. The actual rate is likely 10x that: 0.9% infected/day.

Meanwhile, they're giving 2% of the population one dose per day.

A natural infection gets you ~100% immunity. A single dose, ~50%

So _even Israel_ is struggling to vaccinate people faster than they're becoming immune naturally. The US and UK aren't even close.

Neat: Slush pool's "pick your own block to mine" scheme rewards miners proportionally to the value of the block they're mining.

What is hope, in the face of all this uncertainty?

What is love? What is meaning?

If anything could happen, at any moment, anything at all, why do I still feel?

Siri, is existence pain?

Shocking video obtained by CSW's legal team showing Bitcoin developer Gregory Maxwell engaging in MATERIAL SUPPORT OF TERRACE!!!

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