Pro-tip: we have dug far more gold out of the ground than we have use for. The intrinsic value of gold is a tiny fraction of it's current value.

Comparing mortality stats for the 15 to 65 age range between Sweden and Canada is pretty damning. Sweden's figures look like a pandemic, followed by normalcy.

In Canada, younger people have been dying at abnormally high rates the entire time we've had lockdown.

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Israel mortality stats are quite interesting... Notice that peak in younger male deaths? That corresponds to the vaccination program ramping up for that age group. True for older ages too, though for them, could just be covid.

Israel is small enough it's hard to interpret stats like that. But definitely concerning.

Pfizer is supposed to have very detailed data on everyone vaccinated and the outcomes... AFAIK that hasn't been released.

"Fearing" coronavirus surge, families of Toronto FC players relocate to team's base in Florida, a state that hasn't had lockdown since September.


ICU/hospital utilization in Toronto is *lower* than normal right now.

Yes, lower.

"I got the feeling very early on that many health professionals were using COVID to fight a proxy war against what they see as a chronically underfunded health care system."

He's right. Unfortunately, using tactics like that is unbelievably dishonest. I think you can make a good argument it should be criminal fraud.

"Local councillor proves to be a hungry for power, wherever they can grab it in their petty existence"

Sad really, because local council is often one of the most effective forms of government. But keeping roads maintained is kinda boring...

Study measuring viral particle shedding with an without surgical masks, with symptomatic people who are actually infected with influenza, rhinovirus (colds), and coronaviruses (also common colds).

Results: the masks didn't do very much for either influeza or rhinoviruses, and not enough people were infected with coronavirus to know if the results are valid.

Better yet, here's what they say to you if you want to try to run a mainnet validation node.

So decentralized you have to ask permission.

I'm gonna have to send them an email for lols.

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On the Mobile Coin GitHub page, hosted in the US, with US developers... 😂

$9,000 incentive to falsely claim you died of COVID. They're getting desperate to pump up COVID deaths.

Fact is, reported US deaths from COVID just keep falling in spite of all this hype about variants.

lololol They're actually rolling out Intel SGX coin.

"MobileCoin is a payment network with no central authority."

That is a lie. Intel is a central authority if you rely on SGX.

Texas Rangers vs Blue Jays today. 100% full to capacity, hardly any masks.

...yet cases, deaths, positivity rate, and long-term-care cases are all continuing to go down after a month with all lockdown restrictions lifted:

Brilliant bit of anti-authoritarianism.

(plus, the fact they're so easy to forge is good too)

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