Bank of Canada rebukes claims Pierre Poilievre has made on inflation, cryptocurrency | National Post

Exhibit A, Exhibit B

Seriously, buying any investment asset is a way to opt out of inflation. WTF is he on?

Ukrainian Counteroffensive Near Mykolaiv Relieves Strategic Port City - WSJ

While Canada was _still_ closing restaurants for covid two years into the pandemic, Ukraine is re-opening restaurants and cafes in the middle of a vicious war, as soon as the front line moves back.

More importantly, top Ukrainian politicians are also officially urging schools to reopen whenever possible to give kids a sense of normality:

Yeah, Expedia, I think travel to Ukraine is a little worse than "unstable"... An entire hotel got blown up a few days ago in Chernihiv...

Airbnb is very optimistic about how quickly Putin will fold.

A sharp BTC price decline makes sense: there's a genuine risk the Russia/Ukraine war results in significant effort to shutdown Bitcoin under the guise it is supporting Russia.

Don't think Bitcoin's ability to resist government pressure is infinite. Both Russia and the US have the technical capability to destroy civilization itself... This is a question of how the politics evolves.

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