...and now New Zealand...

Amazingly there are extreme left NZ politicians who want NZ to go back to their zero covid strategy. All the vulnerable have been vaccinated. Give it up.

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tl;dr: zero covid was a gigantic waste.

Singapore is very close to 100% vaccinated; the remainder is almost all children too young to be vaccinated.

A friend of mine went to a festival a few weeks ago where over 100 people were infected out of 400 total. Only one hospitalization, and that person was in poor health. All the same, they got better quickly. Covid just isn't very dangerous to anyone young and reasonably healthy, vaccinated or not.

...though even more awful to wear than normal... Huge amount of dead space trapping CO2; kinda scary that the pilots are wearing this nonsense.

Funny enough, not all the flight attendants are. Some have simple cloth masks.

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Of course the water fountains are still shut off, so you'll buy^H^H^H for your safety.

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Toronto Pearson International Departures.

They had to remove all the seating in the food court because of the vaccine passport nonsense. Meanwhile all the other seating is full of people eating.

This study is popping up in a lot of press right now. But what it actually says isn't that weight loss is not important. Rather, it says that the typical result of trying to lose weight with dieting is weight cycling, which is more harmful than not losing that weight in the first place. So better to focus on exercise, which has less downsides.

It's also unclear to me if they're able to fully account for the fact that people unable to exercise are probably less healthy.


"during the summer"

Right when people were getting second doses... And the article specifically says doctors do not think covid or delayed care is the cause.


"'Relax, we are double vaxxed': Hundreds of Dalhousie students attend street party" cbc.ca/amp/1.6189860

Fucking anti-vaxxers. 😂

UberEATS needs to work on their pharmacy prescription delivery screen...

I'm actually a bit surprised that action against the store clerks and restaurant staff enforcing this nonsense isn't more common. While killing people isn't likely to be good politics, lesser actions like pepper spray that make staff afraid to ask (esp re: checking green passes) will likely be effective at making the mandates toothless.

They don't have enough police to protect everyone.


Ben Kaufman now has a substack.

...and only fuck did he dig up some public health insanity.

Half-decent BBC article explaining why only 1st doses are being offered to children: bbc.co.uk/news/health-57888429

But even then, remember that the difference in risk from covid between unhealthy and healthy is about 10x or so; vax side effects aren't as they're your immune system. So those numbers indicate that for healthy children, it's likely that vaccine induced heart problems alone are worse than covid. And of course, that's not the only side effect.


By reneging on his promise that covid vaccination won't be mandatory the game theory that Biden is setting up is next time there's a new vaccine, you _really_ should not get it to be part of the resistance to ensure it doesn't become mandatory later.

A sad day for public health. Vaccines should be a medical decision. Not a political decision.


It's perfectly legal for anyone to do the route. Heck, I was by myself and simply rented the equipment from a local shop for 35 CHF. They just asked what my previous experience was. No big deal.

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Did a via ferrata today. The scariest part was a traverse across the side of a cliff. I'm good with heights. But with 600m (!) of nothing under me, I was frankly kinda scared and shaking a bit.

But objectively, that was very safe. Climbing gear works. The _actual_ most dangerous part was these innocent looking steps. Why? Because they're held in place by rebar stakes that could impale you if you tripped.

Your monkey brain is shit at assessing risk in a modern society. Think logically.

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