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Full-RBF Peering Bitcoin Core v24.0.1 is released.

tl;dr: this ensures you're connected to other full-rbf nodes, by advertising a FULL_RBF service bit, and connecting to four additional nodes advertising that service.

" - Russia will be punished for everything!"


(Yes I know they're all imported school buses; that's the first one I've seen where they hadn't painted over which school system it was from)

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TIL Guatemala has a _lot_ of Taco Bells.

“Thor is the God of War. Yet Thorium can't be used for nuclear weapons. It's a complete scam.” @giacomozucco

All regulations are backed up by the threat of acute lead poisoning.

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mindblowing new discovery in Conway's Game of Life: any buildable pattern in Life can be constructed from the collision of 15 gliders.

the key principle: distance itself can be used to encode information. by determining the correct starting [x,y] coordinate for each glider, any future state of the Life universe can be created, with effectively unbounded complexity. 🤯

(via @OscarCunningham @danstowell)

It's better for everyone if you run my full-rbf branch, as that makes for a stronger, decentralized, set of interconnected full-rbf peers. But if you just want to use the new 'mempoolfullrbf=1' option in the upcoming v24.0 release, that's ok too.

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If you want to run full-rbf, and don't have any full-rbf peers, you can connect to these nodes:

...and for testnet:

I've also made a branch of Bitcoin Core v24.0 with preferential peering, to auto-connect to full-rbf peers:

One reason why you should set 'mempoolfullrbf=1' on your nodes, and especially, mining nodes: insane people like Craig Wright would love to find excuses to sue miners for mining double spends.

Better to set the standard now: unconfirmed means unconfirmed.

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the apple studio display (which of course has an Ax chip in it and standard iOS-style secure boot/update with personalized-to-serial updates) cannot be purchased in-person with cash if you want the VESA mount. you need to provide payment card info (identity) to get the serialized device. even our monitors are trackable now.

TFW when you block and report someone for spamming every repo with identical code of conduct requests. 😂

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