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On Roe v. Wade - by Alex Berenson - Unreported Truths

As usual, Alex Berenson has the best take on Roe v. Wade

Farm vehicles removed from Ukraine by Russians who find they've been remotely disabled - CNN

While good for Ukrainians in this case. The fact this is even possible is dangerous for overall food security.

The right tool to solve the problem of farm equipment getting stolen by Russian soldiers is to kill more Russian soldiers.


Interesting! Alex Berenson's lawsuit against Twitter for censoring him survived the first hurdle.

Bank of Canada rebukes claims Pierre Poilievre has made on inflation, cryptocurrency | National Post

Exhibit A, Exhibit B

Seriously, buying any investment asset is a way to opt out of inflation. WTF is he on?

You can't walk to the horizon. But you can walk to someone else's horizon.

“Talking about a "way forward for CTV" or activating CTV or coming up with some way of shoving it into Bitcoin at this stage is insulting, myopic, short-sighted. Worse, it sets incredibly poor precedent for how we think about changes to Bitcoin and maintaining Bitcoin's culture of security and careful design.” - Matt Corallo on bitcoin-dev

OH: "I don't identify as female. I identify as email¹."

1) I'm unsure as to the intended spelling.

'Old Enough!' on Netflix sparks debate over sending very young kids on errands : Goats and Soda : NPR

Note how eliminating cash also makes it difficult to send kids to the store to buy things.

"My dear love, my sweet everything. My heart is in a cage. A rib cage."

Ukraine’s Draft Dodgers Face Guilt, Shame and Reproach - The New York Times

Ugh, what an awful article... The whole time they never make clear something really important: Ukraine doesn't need to conscript people to fight. They're actually turning away combat volunteers because they have far more than needed. Failing to make that clear is downright fraudulent. Especially for a US audience whose experience with conscription most recently includes Vietnam.

"Russia: A small town clings to its Soviet past | DW Documentary"

Originally released in 2019; relevant.

Weapons for Ukraine’s Fight Against Russia Flow Through Small Polish Border Towns - WSJ

“Local officials say the increased military deployment is reassuring, but say they worry it could make Rzeszow a target. Polish farmers are putting land up for sale, nervous their property is too close to the front line.”

An underappreciated way to support the war effort could be to help Polish residents near the border move temporarily. Even something as simple as a free vacation.

“In one of the [combat] patrols I was in an amazing condo — you could have the same one in Toronto. There was an espresso machine,”

“It’s like fighting in downtown Toronto.”

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