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Elizabeth Warren Told Elon Musk To 'Actually Pay Taxes' and 'Stop Freeloading Off Everyone Else' Elizabeth Warren Tells Elon Musk To 'Actually Pay Taxes' and 'Stop Freeloading Off Everyone Else'

"Musk responded that he will pay more in taxes this year than any other American in history."


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@pete imagine how many people at high risk of vaccine complications are taking just to avoid the hell of being excluded from everything.

And the government who claims to champion immigrants and minorities pushes policies that disproportionately affect immigrants and minorities.

An immigrant doesn’t even have the option to drive to another country to see family or tend to any business they have back home.

Ontario actor, mother forced to drive from Vancouver to Toronto after vaccine medical exemption denied at airport | CTV News

tl;dr: if you have a medical exemption from vaccination and want to fly within Canada, you have to apply to each airline individually, 21 days prior to your flight. I wouldn't be surprised if they force you to do this each time prior to your flight.

Satoshi Nakamoto, Craig Wright and a bitcoin mystery in America | Bitcoin | The Guardian

"It’s encrypted with blockchain technology" 😂😂😂😂😂

"How to make a Tom Collins 🍋"

Funny bit of fourth wall breakage: at the start not only do they leave in the "And ACTION!" signal to the 100% staged video, they even put it in the captions. 😂

COVID-19 Omicron: Canada will require new testing for travellers, adds three more countries to flight ban

Canada hates tourism.

Everyone flying to Canada from other than the US will now be required to take a PCR test at the border, and you'll be required to quarantine until the test result comes back. I know from personal experience that usually takes two, even three days.

They're also trying to extend that to all travellers, US included.

Omicron is in Canada anyway.

Salewa Ultra Flex Mid GORE-TEX Speed Hiking Shoes Review - Hunting Gear Deals

"I wore them then to work most of the manufacturing odors out and to get a feel for them before the bowhunting premier. That being said, it took a significant period to deodorize the shoes. I accelerated this process by using ozone, storing them with baking soda inside, and using an oxidizing field spray on the exterior"

Something I would have never thought of in a gear review! the extent where they're sending out automated text messages to people quoting stats that are clear misinfo. WTF.

COVID-19 vaccination and menstrual cycle changes: A United Kingdom (UK) retrospective case-control study | medRxiv

"Following vaccination for COVID-19, menstrual disturbance occurred in 20% of individuals in a UK sample."

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The existence of TikTok proves that there is still room in the social media space to compete and create billion-user products. A FOSS, decentralized, etc social network could become popular. But not by being a clone of old social media and not on those merits alone

Israel closing borders over Omicron variant fears

"The country also plans to use counter terrorism phone tracking technology to follow those who have the variant"

Turn off your phones.

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