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Covid vaccination centres vandalised in France - BBC News

Good, sadly. The ethical thing to do at this point is quit until the government stops making it effectively mandatory. By giving people vaccines you're participating in the coercion.

Church of England criticised over suicide of falsely accused priest - BBC News

'Father Alan Griffin, 78, died in November 2020 having spent a year under investigation without ever having the allegations set out to him.

Coroner Mary Hassell said the claims were "supported by no complainant, no witness and no accuser".'

"A slide presented during the meeting showed that 0.3 percent of 12- to 25-year-olds have landed in the emergency room following vaccination. ... In other words, the CDC is suggesting that within this group, it is preferable for 3,000 12- to 17-year-olds to go to the emergency room after getting vaccinated than for 200 12- to 17-year-olds to be hospitalized from Covid-19."

Utter madness.

"Ontario gyms are changing the way they operate to accommodate post-lockdown fitness - The Globe and Mail"

So gyms are re-opening here, and you don't have to wear a mask during exercise. But you do otherwise.

During exercise, your metabolism - and thus the amount of air you breathe - increases by a factor of approximately 10x.

But I'm sure that 10% of the time you're wearing a mask will totally help! 😂

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Everything You Need to Know About Walmart Insulin | Diabetes Strong

Interesting reading. tl;dr: the claims that insulin is a "100 year old drug" re: accusations of price gouging ignore the fact that modern insulins are very different - and better - drugs than older formulations.

Good on Walmart for bringing the cheap stuff back to the market. But there are big downsides compared to the newer, patented, insulins.

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There's trucks going around Toronto with loudspeakers trying to convince people to get vaccinated.

One actually tailgated me while I was riding my bike, while saying how great it was seeing everyone outside walking and cycling. So I gave him a middle finger and he stopped that annoying patter and backed off. Loser.

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1/ Pressure Against Proof-of-Work Growing in Europe

Members of the European Parliament want to push a framework that would outlaw proof-of-work in a regulation of “Markets in Crypto-assets” (MiCa) proposal.
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"I believe that, at the end, the game saved hundreds or thousands lives by helping to implement some necessary restrictions sooner than they'd be implemented otherwise."

Meanwhile the Czech Republic has one of the highest per-capita rates of death with covid in the world.

Watch "How I think it’s like trying to get a toddler to eat something they ont want to " on YouTube

TIL there exists an uncanny valley of acting.

"Israel to vote on renewing law that keeps out Palestinian spouses | Occupied West Bank News | Al Jazeera"

"Israel’s parliament is set to vote on Monday on whether to renew a temporary law first enacted in 2003"

A law so temporary it's old enough to vote.

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Well, now that men can compete in women’s sports, perhaps they’ll be worth watching.

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@Marketsbylili In Michigan they stopped me for suspicious "powder" inside a closed box... Of a cake mix. 😅
They looked at me like: who's the weirdo who travels with a cake mix.
I told them: "I'm Italian we don't have velvet cake".
They let me keep it. It was a good cake

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"He continued: “I think that most people think of BEC attacks as just basic, boring attacks, and most people don’t think it’s as big a problem as it actually is. When you look at the amount of money that is actually lost to ransomware, it’s a drop in the bucket compared to what’s lost in BEC attacks.”

That's an interesting point. I think the issue is poor definition of identities in the system, not so much that email is insecure (it was never intended to be, afaik).

My inner physicist wants to scream watching this video... How does a guy have an entire YouTube channel about testing climbing gear, yet doesn't seem to have a real understanding of how force vectors work?

Of course the load on each leg of a 90° triangle adds up to more than 100%! How else could it even have an angle?

And ropes stretch, a lot. The relevant angles are the ones _during_ full load. Not the angles prior to applying the load; ∞ loads are impossible.


This isn't the movies. It'd be quite easy for those Gazan hackers to get themselves good enough defenses 100% unhackable; the only offensive route probably is a physical attack.

It's also not that hard for the Israeli's to do the same... there's no need to resort of offensive tactics in cyber security. Our defenses can be as strong as we want.

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