The crazies are now trying to tie rejection of zero covid to eugenics:

"The solution cannot be that everyone has to get COVID. That is eugenics because many disabled high risk people will die ... Do not buy into this eugenic thinking that expects the most vulnerable to be sacrificed."

Tough. Sometimes life sucks. We're not sacrificing everyone else in a hopeless attempt at protecting you.

@pete that’s been the reasoning since the beginning— they claim not sacrificing everything to extend someone’s life for a little longer is equivalent to murdering that person.

That’s the explicit justification for their “moral superiority” and for calling any policy they disagree with “genocide”.

Of course, by calling murder something that isn’t murder —they end up making actual murder more acceptable.

@pete in their minds, since others are trying to murder people, any violence necessary to stop it is justified.

At some point they will openly call for a “final solution” for those who don’t comply — and will say that’s necessary to “save lives”.

They are already openly talking about incarceration and taxation of the unvaxed.

We’re not far from that point.

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