Real-life Rupees: How to Grow Green Potassium Ferrioxalate Crystals From Iron Rust

"A more efficient way of making rust is via electrolysis. The disadvantage is that it requires a power supply."

Idea: is electrolysis efficient enough to sabotage infrastructure with it over time? Eg wire up a power source to something like a bridge?

This wouldn't often happen naturally as most leakage currents from power infrastructure are AC, not DC.


It's probably a matter of power applied and area submerged.

With an aluminum boat hull, yes, stray current from normal systems can lead to perforation within hours.

With a steel hull, iirc, it's more like days.

Paint is a factor.

Metal boats usually have a stray current alarm and periodically replaceable sacrificial anodes to protect against this.

Seems like bridges might use anodes as well:

Tram lines can provide the stray current:

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