Toronto Pearson International Departures.

They had to remove all the seating in the food court because of the vaccine passport nonsense. Meanwhile all the other seating is full of people eating.

Of course the water fountains are still shut off, so you'll buy^H^H^H for your safety.

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@pete I went to Laurier Quebec Saturday. Very few people were sitting a the tables in the food court. Normally, it's full on Saturdays. I saw people eating on the benches outside the food court.

@verretor Same with the food court at the mall near me. Probably doesn't help that they seem to be refusing vaccinated teens on the basis of not having proper ID. School-issued ID here has your photo on it. But I saw one group of teens with vaccination proof and school ID get turned away. Not sure if that's actually policy or just an over zealous security guard. Doubly ridiculous because they'd already bought their food.

@verretor The official govt of Ontario docs on this suggests that children carry their birth certificates around as ID. Seriously wtf.

@pete I can't help but notice similarities in the theatrics of airport security (TSA especially), and the theatrics of covid safety. Your post is pretty much the intersection of the two.

@htimsxela @pete “We need to install a health security team at every airport nationwide to guarantee the safety of our, um, children. We have introduced the babies on board bill in which we create the HSA. HSA will be responsible for checking vax status and to touch all the places that TSA has missed.” -Usgov in 3 months.

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