By reneging on his promise that covid vaccination won't be mandatory the game theory that Biden is setting up is next time there's a new vaccine, you _really_ should not get it to be part of the resistance to ensure it doesn't become mandatory later.

A sad day for public health. Vaccines should be a medical decision. Not a political decision.

@pete It is now a way to vote. My auxiliary nurse friend who's not vaccinated showed me the statistics of vaccination among healthcare workers.

It seems that the higher the salary, the more likely to be vaccinated. It makes sense because they won't have a job in October if they don't get two doses.

Although 95% of physicians are vaccinated, they're going to lose more or less 25% of beneficiary attendants / auxiliary nurses / nurses. As you know, hospitals are always short staffed even in normal times.

If they actually carry on with their plans, vaccinated employees will burn out.

@verretor but it's fine if they lose the nurses and keep the diversity managers, right?

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