DNA pulled from thin air identifies nearby animals | Science | AAAS

So how long until this gets used to track people?

@pete if ur task is to just know if small air corridors where passed ( air *gates*) , yup that works, since u can sequence also for the allele fingerprint, on the other hand if many people had passed that air it should be quite difficult to say more than that some humans had passed, since those many allele lengths would smear the signal of an individual.
But now that we can be tagged with mRNA that constantly reproduce special sequences that identity the individual, that could be used as ID,

@pete but why would *they* use DNA, that can not be sequenced fast) if u just can scan for chemical smell in RT , that is high significant individual different, and AFAIK is used in RL since decades, to match the movement of high value targets.
On the other hand, it's a bit more easy to leave DNA traces somewhere, than to leave an initial good distinct smell sample.

@dflate Because we have lots of tech to do DNA analysis and not much that does smell analysis.

@pete smell is for sure a higher form of abstraction, and VC capital now is easy to access with mRNA/DNA genetic etc buzzwords, but *we* have and had lots of smell equipment equipment too, i guess to be traced for sure, is and was a catch22 anyway,

@pete an RNA sequencer is in essence an atomic absorption spectrum analyzer after the time consuming heating and cooling phases of replication and enhance RNA fragments by binding them to spectral distinguishable markers.

So why disguise the fact that u can trace individuals in RT since decades?

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