"U.S. border restrictions for Canada, Mexico renewed until Aug. 21"

Remember that these restrictions _only_ apply to the land borders. Air travel has been exempt from the essential travel restrictions the whole time; COVID-19 knows not to infect people rich enough to fly in.

It's just science.

@pete But it's an understandable policy. In a car, you might be alone and have very few chances to catch anything. In a plane, you're in contact with many people. That's why the land border is closed and the planes are flying.

Plus, in a plane, you can breathe in all of those wonderful spike proteins that the jabbed are shedding. That's much better.

It's just science. /s

@orangepillme ...but the dinosaur was wearing a mask! That means they're super protected!!!

@pete hahaha, it really makes that dinosaur look super healthy!

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