LoL, just got harassed by a morbidly obese women wearing a "I'M FULLY VACCINATED" lanyard around her neck for not wearing a medical mask (I _was_ wearing a bandana, 100% legally).

I've had almost no mask-related harassment this whole pandemic. I wonder if covid fading into a non-issue will make nutters like her resort to more ridiculous stunts for attention?

(fwiw I just ignored her and didn't respond or try to take a photo - I was in a small business that just reopened so no reason to make trouble for them)

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@pete Should've let her know that she's NOT fully vaccinated as the Delta variant is making its way around. Someone like her might not be able to afford to risk getting sick with that variant before the next vaccine and should probably stay home.

@alan8325 I wouldn't be surprised if that was her point actually... I doubt she would have liked to have it pointed out that being twice my weight, she was at something like 100x more risk.

@alan8325 People like her are probably happy that these vaccines aren't working as well as hoped. Gives them excuses to harass people for attention.

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