I had the following misdelivered to my apartment:

40L of skim milk
90 eggs
45 yogurt cups
16 bars of soap
60 bottles of water
680g of Tim Horton's instant coffee
1000 packets of splenda
...and 1.4kg of cauliflower rice.

Not sure if that was for the world's worst restaurant, or the world's worst preppers. 😂

@pete if you solve the mystery please post an update. My guess is they’re part of an ovo lacto vegetarian and gluten-free doomsday cult hold up near by waiting for covid to cleanse the earth. 😜

@notmandatory Honestly my best guess is it was a last minute order for some church potluck or something. Lots of (illegal) community events in my neighborhood. I forgot to mention it above but there was also 10kg or so of frozen fries in the order.

@pete someone delivered to you all the ingredients to the world's most powerful recipe. it's your mission, should you choose to accept it, to find out what it is.
basically the plot of "This Planet Earth"

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