4.6 million graphene-based masks got distributed, which Health Canada have banned due to the potential for asbestos-like harms.

Given how little threat COVID poses to schoolkids - about 20 deaths/million infections in the 0-18 age range - it would not be surprising at all if more eventually die from wearing these masks than from covid itself.


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@pete My nephew and nieces had to wear those. I'm sick of living in this place.

@verretor It'll be interesting to see if anyone sues the schools over this.

I won't be surprised if they get civil immunity due to it being an "emergency".

@pete I know there's a group of entrepreneur suing Quebec government and so far, it's not working because the government is "trying to do good" or something along those lines.

@verretor This stuff is so ridiculous that if a future government decided to ignore the "Nulla poena sine lege praevia" principal - the prohibition of retroactive punishments for laws that didn't exist at the time - to go after these criminals, honestly, I'd find it hard to care.

@pete @verretor It wouldn't take a replacement government to extract penalties for damages from them, just millions of angry parents. Justice exists outside the state

Just wait for the mass vaccination of children.

I expect that's where a lot of people will draw the line though.

@pete dangerous idiots.

Are masks mandatory in canada at any age?

In italy only over 6 years old

@mir_btc @pete

It tickles me to no end how people approach masking with moderation and level-headed questioning, yet accept all the other unproven premises of this pandemic. As if social distancing, over-sanitization, and lockdowns work. It's all fake. The CDC still doesn't have a live virus.
@anon00110 @mir_btc @pete >social-distancing, sanitization, lockdowns don't work and there is no virus

ah, I get it, trolling, har har
@anon00110 @mir_btc @pete proof of what, of that when people are locked down they don't transmit infectious disease by magic? :-D yes, I can't prove that to you :-/ therefore it must happen :-/
@wikifarms @mir_btc @pete

Yes, proof that it works. You're making an assumption.

@mir_btc @pete I think it's something like that here too. These fuckers poisoned my family.

@verretor @pete

I'm speechless.
I really hope they'll be ok but this is so serious and I'm sure they'll deny their responsibilities.

@mir_btc @pete Yeah. They had "good intention" is probably going to save them.

@mir_btc Yup, mandatory in schools and pretty much anywhere inside. Students were forced to wear those masks. In fact, they were shedding so many particles that they were _causing_ wearers to cough; Health Canada didn't take the initiative on this.

@pete The Quebec government will blame the users for wearing the masks and not doing their own research. It is the way.

@pete Have a close look at the inside of a mask with a microscope. Warning... you WILL have nightmares!

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