The local malls are now required to "screen" people. So an elderly security guard sits in a chair by the door with an ill-fitting masks, and asks you if you have any covid symptoms or have been travelling. They have no way of verifying any of that.

Something tells me this is getting more elderly security guards infected than anything else...

Public health is a scam. I mean that quite literally: they know this nonsense is harmful. But theatre fools the voting public into paying their salary.

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So why would elderly security guards end up doing this you might ask?

Simple: there's tons of security guards, retail clerks, etc. on various levels of disability because they can't stand/walk for full shifts. So sitting in a chair doing next to nothing is a great way for management to give them something useful to do while they (hopefully!) recover.

Hence the least healthy people end up with jobs that if we were following science would go you young teens. But this isn't about science...

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@pete exactly…be might wonder if this was *designed* to inflate covid numbers. Cui bono?

@drgo Fauci's antics re vaccines sure seem like he's trying to discourage people at risk from getting them, with plausible deniability...

Gotta be a lot of public health people who secretly don't want this to end. Masks alone have become literally a $200 billion/year or so business. Not even joking.

@pete this is the type of analytical thinking that more people need to learn. I was highly critical of people who resisted the two week lockdown (and still am, as they’re irrationality early on means nobody considers their argument valid), but many of those people were barking up the right tree from the get go. Control over personal medical & location data & travel/working rights will be a big issue in the future I fear.

@pete @drgo You won't be able to buy, sell or travel without your tracker chip in your wrist or forehead.
They are following the book of Revelations as an instruction manual, they're cultist nuts, the people that own this whole "covid" scheme.

@icedquinn I literally just walk in and mumble something about "no to all" of their questions. I've yet to be challenged. I'm sure the majority of those guards know the job is bullshit too.

@pete for now it is but they're trying to roll out things that are much worse.

@icedquinn yes, canada is still pretty lax. Some countries have literally given the entire popula electronic trackers. Just insane.

@pete israel is on the verge of digital barcode and herding ("freedom passport,") meme news man was talking about how walmart is pushing for screening and i saw elsewhere MS is really dying to get the contracts for the trackerware.

@icedquinn Tons of people want to track 100% of the population 100% of the time. Cell phones weren't good enough for them.

The engineers who make this possible should be put on trial for crimes against humanity and executed. That's how evil this pervasive surveillance is.

@pete @icedquinn you don't understand, it is to protect marginalized communities from white supremacy. The largest demographic of domestic terrorism is from the right. If you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to fear. You are either with us or you are with terrorist white supremacist Nazis.
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