Lol, BitPay is so hilariously useless.

For research purposes I actually went through that nonsense. They wanted a photo of my passport (NOT a scan!), a selfie which had to be taken on my phone (uploading a photo was NOT good enough), and of course my address and date of birth.

...and after all that nonsense, the invoice timed out, so I couldn't pay anyway. So I don't know if they still do the payment protocol nonsense - BitPay is such a joke that they probably do. 😂

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@pete They did their best. Stupid regulations came and screwed them over.

@pete They don't require payment protocol nonsense anymore. I paid for airBaltic tickets and afterwards for some food delivery in Germany in December from Bitcoin Core wallet as ordinary payment. But they still suck in all possible ways imaginable.

@kristapsk Did you need to verify your ID to do that as well?

@pete Don't remember details about food, I was drunk and that was still 2020. :) But I have done KYC with them in the past to get back money for cancelled flights. When purchasing airplane tickets, they asked for passport number IIRC, but airplane tickets aren't anonymous anyway.


Made obsolete by a pleb, one of the best Bitcoin stories.

@pete I don't think they give you a regular address to send payment to anymore either so I couldn't even use it with my wallet last time I wanted to buy something with bitcoin
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