@pete this is so hilarious 😆
Last time I check Sicily was in italy

@mir_btc ...but do you want Sicily to be in your Italy?

@pete no I want italy in my sicily.
And I don't know why this sounds kinda gross

@lucash_dev every dialect in italy (there are probably hundreds) is very different and most of them are languages.
Even milanese is a language (I can understand it but can't speak it)

@mir_btc yes when I was doing tourism around the country it seemed like every village had its own language and my learning a bit of “standard” Italian was a total waste of time.
Also everyone would rather talk in broken English to me than have the trouble of understanding my broken Italian. Except the hostel cleaning lady that yelled in some language at me, then I yelled back in some version of Italian and I think we both understood each other pretty well.
That was decades ago though.

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