Neat tamper-evidence packaging concept: a random pattern of beads that's modified when you open the package, along with a smartphone app to automatically verify the pattern is correct.

Reusable glitter basically: to fake a seal, you need to make the significant effort of positioning each bead in the right place. Possible. But very time consuming.

I'd buy one!

@pete Shift Crypto made a really nice tamper evident container like this a couple years ago. Used a bubble with beads like this that formed a unique fingerprint when air was vacuumed out of the package.

Unfortunatly they only seem to sell TE bags on the shop now...


@jonf3n Interesting! Did you need a special vacuum pump? You could probably replicate that with off-the-shelf food storage bags.

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@pete good question. I don't really know, but I think their intention was to use it as a hardware wallet manufacturer to discourage interdiction. So off-the-shelf isn't required.

The food storage vacuum system sounds like a great idea. I know they had to experiment a bit to find these little black balls which moved very randomly inside of the bubble. Used some kind of industrial lubricant powder or something.

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