Reading a crypto paper but having to google every second Greek character makes me feel so dumb 😅 I just want to implement it, not to become fluent in Greek! 🤣

Even worse, now I'm beginning to call my variables "zeta" etc., but I guess that's why the authors gave them such non-descriptive names in the first place, naming is hard and there just weren't better ones.

@sebx2a every time I have to read academic papers (usually cs/math papers because of degree), I end up revising different sections of the Greek alphabet

@pete @rohan Don't give them any ideas 😆

I know a physicist who uses Cyrillic as his third character set once the first two are exhausted 🤣

Otoh, #Rust is a modern language, I can probably just use the Greek characters from the paper 😜

@sebx2a @rohan "once the first two are exhausted" ←god help you.


@verretor @sebx2a @rohan The complete set: 𓂸 𓂹 𓂺

𓁤 is your god.

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