"LIVE in Toronto: Police attempt to block the path of anti-lockdown protestors, who simply walk around them"

@verretor Looks like they weren't even trying. 😂

@pete @verretor

What's even the point?
I bet they're loving their overtime

@pete @verretor I love how people scream “fight for your rights” loudest AFTER giving them away.

@pete @verretor Imagine if all the protesters just start coughing 😂

@nvk @verretor Once while camping someone through a rotting log on the fire and everyone immediately started coughing terribly... just need to isolate that chemical. It'd cause panic in a supermarket these days. 😂

@LadyAnarki @nvk @verretor Probably mold or perhaps fungus. Definitely not a man-made thing like paint, as we were deep in the woods.

@pete @nvk @verretor both came to mind. Those little creatures are potent lol

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