Are there any cities left on the planet that meet the following criteria?
-A single middle-class income can support a family (housing + health care)
-Young ppl aren't brainwashed by SJWs
-Reasonable expectation of socioeconomic advancement

@eiaine I don't think it is ever going to be possible in a city that one single salary can maintain a family. The cost of the house is going to be always high due to lack of space. Unless you forbid to work to either one gender; or one of the spouses (at their choosing), rent or mortgage is always going to take an almost full salary.

We need multicore cities (single-core cities do not scale, just like processors).


@JosuGZ @eiaine Some of the cities around Toronto would probably qualify. Brampton, Markham, Mississauga, etc. No-one really wants to live there, so rents aren't that bad, very high immigrant populations that aren't interested in SJW nonsense and are interested in raising kids, fair number of jobs available (the flight path near the airport has a lot of industry by Canadian standards), etc.

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