Homemade split pea and ham soup for lunch...

...because the extra food I bought last February in case of apocalypse isn't going to eat itself. 😂

(though seriously, I'll have to buy some more; preparedness is good)

@k3tan I love these. I literally have three of this exact model, and have worn out two... Kinda wish I could find more... I have one of their more recent ones. But I don't like it as much.

@pete haha luke smith recently did a video on this as well. big demand and shortage in supply.

@k3tan ha! Apparently you can replace the keyboards if needed with the right thinkpad model. Hopefully that'll let my three last until I find a suitable replacement...

@jb55 @k3tan That exact model unobtainable. But the more recent one is easy to get:

@pete @jb55 I have an x230. I'm thinking of replacing with the x220 keyboard just to see what all the rage is.

@pete I still have a 30-day ration bucket in my basement from a year ago, shelf life is long though, no need to do anything about it yet

dish looks like it tastes absolutely fantastic, in comparison to how it looks.

@pete tweeting out lunch pics is so #instagram #influencer

If you ever get bored of bitcoin you know what other career you can pivot to, you are pretty good at this!!

@pete maybe just make the food look a bit more.. appealing.. and then you are there!

@afilini @pete for people of the far North lumpy green soup, preferably slow cooked with smoked ham hock, is high cuisine! Sometimes the worse it looks the better it tastes...

@afilini ...or I could stick to my day job... 🤔 Nah, instagram influencer it is!

@pete i’m nearly 3% into the 95 kg of rice I procured late January 🙃

at least it doesn’t spoil.

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