Just realized running a community server will be eternal FUD rebutting endevour

I'll probably shut down bitcoinhackers.org

I've better things to do w/ my life than rebutting scammers & FUDsters

Will likely run a Mastodon for Myself & a few and then just connect to others

@nvk How much does the VM cost to run per month? Be good for someone else to just take it over, given that so many have joined it.

@pete that's the wrong approach. All we did was re-centralize over here. We need smaller groups running their own instances.


@nvk The world isn't perfect. Having bitcoinhackers.org is still a huge improvement over Twitter. You don't need to solve every problem perfectly, first try.

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@pete @nvk yes I'm happy to help pay or take over moderation in the meantime, as would others.

@jb55 @pete no. every time a centalized bitcoin site/community was passed on there was abuse and/or issues. I rather people take their time and dissipate into smaller groups connected with eachother.

@nvk @jb55 @pete

One thing that would be lacking with everyone fully federated is the Local timeline.

That was a definite help in bootstrapping I think.

@nvk @jb55 @pete

@nvk, it would be a bummer if you shut down. Obviously your call, but I as well would be willing to help out if there is something that could make it workable for you.

@nvk @alanturing @jb55 Don't let perfect be the enemy of good. I really don't think there is enough traction right now to transition to a pile of independent servers - lots of less technical people on this instance, and it's a big overhead to set one up relative to the alternatives. More likely that Bitcoin mastodon will just die.

@pete @alanturing @jb55 I've turned off signups, not in a hurry to shut down. Just want some fire on people's asses so they start actually working on it ;)

@nvk @pete @alanturing @jb55 This is very disheartening. The good thing is something else will take BH.o's place. We are social creatures and like someone above mentioned, the local timeline is absolutely the BEST feature because it's ALL BITCOINERS.

@nvk @pete @alanturing @jb55

If we do cease to exist here, I will be sniffing out the next "massive server" to join. Centralization doesn't matter when, at any time, people could start going other places if needed. It's like saying there should be alts and not just Bitcoin because it's too centralized, imo.

@Zachary_BTC @nvk @pete @alanturing @jb55

I'm not on BH.o but would like to follow people in #crypto who are active in the Fediverse. So if someone could let me know where you all end up so I can troll the new instance for people to follow, I'd appreciate it. :-)

@pete @nvk @alanturing @jb55 100% this

The community is just starting to see the benefit of network effects from the influx of users. Making a move to independent instances would be a death blow.

@drbitcoinmd @pete @nvk @alanturing @jb55 This is what I’m thinking. Don’t kill the network effect at this point. It’s such a turbulent, transitory time...a strong hitching post is needed right now. ‘Store of value’ before ‘medium of exchange’. Not a perfect analogy, but that’s what I think of.

@drbitcoinmd @pete @nvk @alanturing @jb55 honestly is mastodon the right long term solution anyway? IMO until we have a pure p2p worldwide mesh network (no backbone needed) we will be vulnerable. This instance is helpful as a stepping point. I would be very sad if it disappeared and like others said would probably just go elsewhere to find a community.

@nvk @jb55 @pete

I don't know your time frame on this, but a way to turn this into a positive would be for us to get some people together around a new instance where lightning would be incorporated. It would create a community goal as something to work toward, as well as an understanding that this instance would be shutting or scaling down.

@nvk @jb55 The fact is it's very valuable to have an easy on-ramp to Mastodon. Like I say, it doesn't have to be perfectly decentralized to be a big improvement; perfect is the enemy of better. I'm sure people here would be willing to take the problem off your hands (modulo funding, I'd be willing to take it over).

@pete @nvk yeah I don't disagree with what @nvk is saying, but people are still new to the fediverse. this will harm decentralization because non-technical people will just leave here and sign up to larger hubs.

at least we can educate here in the meantime. your call though, but I don't see the harm in passing admin to someone.

@jb55 @pete @nvk Maybe you guys could set up an alternative server for people to transition to? That way someone who might have decided to trust @nvk with their personal data but wouldn't trust either of you, can take their account elsewhere.

@kekcoin @jb55 @nvk The only personal data is DMs and metadata like IP addresses. I think it's fine to just give people a heads up before transferring operation/trust to someone else.

@pete @jb55 @nvk Sure, it wouldn't be that much different from what you'd be able to see if you were made moderators. But still - this way is more permissionless.

@jb55 @nvk IMO even having 100% on one Mastodon instance is still better than Twitter, and I say that being one of the very few who has my own personal instance.

@nvk @jb55 @pete would you promote the new groups? I'll be happy to have an spanish one.

@pete @nvk @jb55 all right then we need some more voluntarian to create more groups. Probably localized groups, or of some kind.

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