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Great video on how difficult it was to come up with the seemingly simple ohms law.

OH: "I'd like to play DnD but I never had any friends to play it with.

I mean, I never had _that_ kind of friends."

Hollywood's New Rules - Common Sense

"[T]he audience stops trusting us. They begin to see us as a community twisting ourselves into a pretzel to make every movie as woke as possible, every relationship mixed racially, every character sexually fluid, and they decide that we are telling stories set in a fantasyland instead of a world they know and live in. If that happens, and they decide to throw themselves instead into video games 24/7, we will lose them.”

Upgraded to the latest Mastodon version.

Now, interesting question for @drgo and others: you guys had some weird issues with my posts IIRC. Is that still happening?

Real-life Rupees: How to Grow Green Potassium Ferrioxalate Crystals From Iron Rust

"A more efficient way of making rust is via electrolysis. The disadvantage is that it requires a power supply."

Idea: is electrolysis efficient enough to sabotage infrastructure with it over time? Eg wire up a power source to something like a bridge?

This wouldn't often happen naturally as most leakage currents from power infrastructure are AC, not DC.

Global News: Federal documents warn of sweeping implications if ‘digital loonie’ adopted.

"The paper published in November noted that Bitcoin adoption in Canada remains low at around five per cent."

5% of Canadians own Bitcoin‽ Holy shit.

ABC News: The Loop: Betty White's cause of death revealed and today's national cabinet agenda.

Ha! Turns out Betty White died right after getting a booster shot.

Omicron Origin: How Is This Not Being Discussed?

tl;dr: Omicron may have been introduced to Africa by Chinese "diplomats"

Which is consistent with it being created by china and deliberately spread (though certainly not proof).

If true, this is a fascinating form of bioweapon: a disease so mild you can use your own people to spread it. Only made effective by propaganda and fear, not actual harms.


There are more football players with heart-related issues this year than in many other years before according to the data recorded by Transfermarkt. If we were to assume that all excess is caused by vaccinations, it would yield to around a 1 out of 600 chance for footballers to get a heart condition after vaccination."

"✨ That girl from school who’s joined a pyramid scheme ✨"

"It's not a pyramid scheme. It's a triangle of opportunity!"

"...without data that it works"

In other words, this is an experiment. Since people are being forced to get boosters, it's experimentation on people without consent. That's a crime against humanity.

Just like other countries imprisoned and executed Nazis, other countries should be imprisoning and executing the tens of thousands of Israeli politicians, medical professionals, and others responsible for this.

"Two top FDA scientists, including the head of the agency’s vaccine efforts, quit around the time of the September vote over White House pressure to authorize boosters for all."

It's pretty simple: their own scientists think giving boosters to healthy teens and adults is such a bad idea they were willing to quit.

Yet universities are making boosters mandatory to attend.

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